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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 5, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated. and because this is such a strong deal every nation in the world that has commented publicly with the exception of the israeli government has expressed support. >> the backdrop for the president's speech today is notable. american university is the same place where president john f. kennedy called for nuclear disarmament in 1963. >> i realize the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war and frequently the words of the pursuers fall on deaf ears but we have no more urgent task. >> chris jansing is nbc's senior white house correspondent and joins me now. chris, the president spoke there for roughly about an hour about how important it is to move this
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forward and now it is in the hands of congress. but do you think that the main message that the president is trying to convey is really resonating on the hill? >> reporter: well i think what he is also addressing are the american people because it's also in their hands. for these undecideds the pressure the president thinks can come from the american people, which is evenly divided on this. now, i think there are a couple of things that are really important here thomas. one, you mentioned it was almost an hour long speech about 20 minutes longer than we expected to go. it started more than half an hour late. i'm told he was adjusting this speech up until the last minute and it was a passionate specific, point-by-point address. now, what was the key message here? the same that we heard from john f. kennedy also at american university, that this is a choice between war and peace, the president saying rejection of this deal leaves us with only one option and that is another war in the middle east. in fact he said killing the deal
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makes it more likely accelerates the pace at which iran could possibly get a nuclear weapon. also speaking specifically to benjamin netanyahu, of course it is supporters of israel who have not only been most vocal against this deal but have mounted an $11 million ad campaign. you turn on your television and you're likely to see one of these anti-iran nuclear deal ads, saying to them i understand your concerns but here's why you're wrong. and so this is really where the big final push begins. as you know thomas 60 days for congress to review it. there are about 44 days left. many of them going back to their districts, talking to their constituents and will have this consequential vote when they get back. >> let's talk about how the president was speaking specifically to congress and remind everybody the language that he used. take a listen.
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>> without this deal the scenarios that critics warn about happening in 15 years could happen six months from now now. by killing this deal congress would not merely pave iran's pathway to a bomb it would accelerate it. >> it would accelerate it. all right, so chris, using really strong language there. as you talk about so many of our elected leaders are returning home to their home districts. something we don't hear a lot from the president is this first person draft saying hey, call contact your elected leaders, which we heard in this speech today. let them know how you feel about this firsthand. >> reporter: yeah highly unusual call. and also sort of framing this as our diplomatic credibility is at stake here. i mean there were members of every one of these p5+1 nations that were involved in this deal in that audience. the british ambassador to the united states was live tweeting
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during this. and then you heard him going point by point by point. here's how we assure they don't get a bomb. and again, this is just really the start of this final major push, what is going to be an unrelenting push by this white house. he's going to be sending out his energy secretary, ernie moniz, who is a nuclear physicist. they have already had all of these classified briefings really trying to answer all these questions and all these concerns. john kerry will be out there, vice president biden. basically this white house has said, thomas if you have concerns, let us know. we'll make sure you get a call. >> yes. we've got the right smart minds on this and they'll reach out to you. chris jansing, great to see you. speaking of smart minds, we appreciate your time. we'll let you get back to work. coming up today at 2:15 eastern p.m. i'm going to be joined by white house press secretary josh earnest. we will get into this. we're also going to talk about planned parenthood as well as the gop debate which comes up tomorrow night. michael steele is an msnbc
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political analyst and he is also former chair for the republican national committee and he joins me right now. michael, let's first talk about the latest feelings from american people about the iran deal. our nbc news/wall street journal poll shows that most americans are split when it comes to this deal itself. so one, what do the people on the side of the president and the administration need to do to educate the american people? because do you think that everybody understands, first off, what's really in this deal what it really takes to get diplomacy done as opposed to war? >> i don't think they do number one. i think what the president has largely offered to the extent that there has been some explanation is a false choice. either do this deal or war. i mean because the circumstances for iran to do what it wants to do with a nuclear bomb and all of that has been in place for some time now. we've seen them go from what
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23 25 facilities to 19,000. so this is not something that is just happened and all of a sudden we're suddenly confronted with this. and i think a large measure, a lot of the american people to the stept extent that they followed this understand that. i think the president now has to give the rationale for the agreement that he struck. he started that conversation today, imploreing folks to go and engage their congressmen. many of them have which is why the congress is as split as this and the american people are split on this. there's a lot more work to be done. i think in the end the president will likely prevail in getting this. then comes the challenge of the next administration having to deal with what has been wrought with this agreement. >> we have heard hillary clinton being willing to inherit
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something like this. also the oarther people on the left being willing to inherit something like this. the right not so much. michael, we'll talk about in just a second what we expect tomorrow night. now we move on to the other big story, the anticipation and preparation going into the must-see tv first republican debate for 2016. ten candidates out of the 17 made tomorrow night's main event. the other seven will appear in an undercard debate hours earlier. so all eyes of course are going to be on the front runner. he gets the center position. that is donald trump. today the head of the republican party was asked about trump's front runner status at the debate and the chair, reince priebus, told savannah guthrie, he welcomes trump's entry. >> there's a lot of people out there that are pretty frustrated with government they're frustrated with both parties, and i think that donald trump has tapped into some of that. i also know that it's early. i think donald trump knows it's
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early. everybody understands it. i think it's going to be a long process. we're not going to focus on each other. i think you're going to see a republican party unified, talking about how to get the country back on track. >> so joining me now from washington is nbc news senior political editor mark murray. and from cleveland, nbc news campaign enbed jordan frazier. jordan, can you tell me what these two campaigns are doing to prep for this. we have heard from donald trump and he feels it's best to be fresh just being donald but what about the other campaigns? >> reporter: you have to expect the unexpected thomas. all these campaigns are going through their debate prep all the different issues all the different one-liners and zingers that you might have. but it was brought up by one of the top folks, part of the john kasich campaign organization who said that dealing with donald trump is almost kind of like
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dealing with a nascar driver who might be under the influence of alcohol. and so people don't know what to expect. now, it is worth noting that from donald trump's tone particularly on "meet the press" over the weekend, he was very sober. in fact said i'm not going to go out and attack anyone unless i'm attacked first. i wouldn't be surprised if this debate isn't one of the ones we often see, there are a couple of zingars, some barbs here and there but most look like your average presidential debate. >> i think he said on o'reilly the other night that he won't be afraid to bring up people's deficiencies. i thought that word was interesting. jordan, you've had a chance to speak with several of the campaigns there in cleveland. what are your sources telling you? how are they prepping? >> reporter: thomas all of the candidates are hunkered down for their final debate preps. marco rubio will arrive this afternoon and hold a welcome to cleveland rally with his supporters here. carly fiorina is already in
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town. she's been doing some media today, saying it will be a long campaign. even though she's not on the main stage tomorrow night, she looks forward to the, quote, happy hour debate at the earlier hour. and in a lighter moment sort of outside of debate prep the bush campaign today unveiled their 2016 swag store on their website. you can find the buttons and the bumper stickers like normal but there's also some unique items. a guacamole bowl and something they're calling a vintage tank top with a 1970s image of the former governor. >> a vintage tank top. perfect for summertime going to the beach. mark, let me ask you the silver lining for those seven candidates who didn't make the main stage. a lot of people saying this is the kiddie table or jv but many people expect this to be a media policy discussion between some heftier, lesser known candidates. >> absolutely. thomas i'll be eating my
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guacamole in imy tank top on thursday night. >> you're going to be eating your guacamole in a tank top? >> yep. might as well right? >> getting visual. >> to your question this does allow the republicans who end up making this undercard debate an ability to talk about something other than donald trump. and so that actually might be a benefit for them. the downside is that this debate process and how you end up getting the ten to get in this first debate really could be seen as a winnowing process where the candidates left out in the cold that aren't on that main debate stage see their visibility go down. they end up seeing their fund-raising go down. so it remains to be seen on whether they can get back into the conversation particularly for the debates ahead. >> all right. so mark thank you very much. jordan, thank you too on the campaign trail. mark murray and jordan frazier.
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i want to bring back former rnc chair, michael steele. michael, you heard mark. he's going to be prepped with guac and a tank top. i know you're going to be in cleveland with a gin and tonic and popcorn. >> there you go. >> but i want to see what your thoughts are on how trump may handle himself in this debate. last night he was asked about the practice work that's going into how he will handle himself and was asked a practice question. basically it was you say you will force mexico to pay for the wall you want to build. how? and here's just part of that response, take a look. >> the fact is that mexico terrific people and really smart leadership. and they're killing our leadership because they're sharper, they're more cunning -- >> all right, you said that before but you're still not telling me how you're going to make mexico pay for the bill. >> bill it's simple. they're taking in billions and billions of dollars. they're building the ford company, ford motor company. >> so you're going to stop trade
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with them? >> no i'm going to say, mexico guess what this is not going to continue. you're going to pay for the wall. and i've said they're going to pay for the wall and they will pay for the wall. >> so michael, do you expect direct answers from donald trump? bill o'reilly is not the moderator. we're going to have megyn kelly, brett baier, chris wallace handling the top tier candidates. do you expect them to be able to really elicit specifics when it comes to policy on these more grandiose firebombs trump has said? >> no. >> no. >> no. it's just not going to happen. donald trump, that's his answer that's been his pretty much standard answer to that. donald trump is not in right now in a mode to give you specifics. there may be a host of reasons for that. i don't think megyn -- i know there's been some chatter about, you know how hard megyn is going to go after him and some jokes made about that. i think all of that largely opens them up to donald trump
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turning his ire on the folks who are asking the questions. and so you know there's precariousness on both sides here. for the other candidates as well as the moderators when it comes to donald trump. and that's exactly where he wants them to be. they don't know how he's going to answer. they don't know what his response is going to be. and so that allows him to control that conversation and that narrative to the greatest extent he possibly can. >> so we have some new poll out of new hampshire, i want to show this to everybody, michael, on the issues of the economy, terrorism, immigration and health care. republican voters say they trust trump the most. >> yeah. >> the most. so when he's asked about these issues on stage and they trust him the most by a large margin there, so it might not matter what his answers are. >> right. there you go. >> what really matters, though is the pivot of how everybody else on that stage with highlight themselves and demonstrate what their own
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policy positions would be, correct? >> exactly. >> it's really their time to shine. >> that's exactly right. donald trump is in one sense, thomas, a real good setup opportunity here for the other candidates. let him do his thing, let him say what he's going to say. then you pivot into not attacking him and saying that was a dumb answer. no let me give you the smart answer. let me give you the way this question should be answered without necessarily, you know going after trump or personalizing your response to him. and i think it's a real good setup opportunity for the other candidates. if they're smart and they're prepared, they'll take advantage of that in a way that enhances their stature on that stage. i think going to the happy hour debate, even though trump isn't there, trump will be there. so i think that affords them an opportunity to do the same thing. >> moderators of that are martha mccown bill hemmer, both very
10:16 am
smart. we'll see how it all plays out. michael steele, great to see you. i know you're going to have gin and tonic and popcorn. that's what i expect from you. >> you got it. >> with the debate field set with just the top candidates taking center stage and candidates who didn't make it do you think the fairness of the selection calculations are right? we're asking you to weigh in on our bing pulse question today. were the right ten selected for the first gop debate? the pulse is live now. you can log on let us know what you think. frances will be along a little later in this hour with your thoughts. up next, zijvigilante justice. look at this. vandals hitting the home of the dentist who killed cecil the lion. wait until you hear what they did not just to the garage but what they left out front. and his hunting guide back in court today. his new comments about cecil's death also ahead. >> you speak english in america.
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>> i speak english. i speak english, okay! >> wow. an emotional and not so international moment at ihop. a woman goes off on an angry rant against a spanish-speaking customer. it's all caught on camera. we'll show it to you after this. everyone loves the picture
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for a second straight day, shots were fired near camp shelby in mississippi. the man seen in this photo from our affiliate, wdam has been detained in relation to that shooting. so the description of the shooter in both instances is the same. a white male in a red pickup truck. and those are two distinctions you can see from that picture. now, there are no reports of injuries. mississippi's governor is urging soldiers statewide to defend themselves ases in and says all
10:20 am
available personnel will be utilized to arrest a suspect. now we move on to new developments on those massive wildfires right here in california. firefighters battling the blazes have been getting some help from cooler weather and higher humidity. however, hotter drier weather is supposed to return today. the largest fire known as the rocky fire continues to take its toll, and so far the fire has burned over 68,000 acres. it's now 20% contained. that's up from 12% yesterday. more than three dozen homes have been destroyed. the ex-convict accused in the shooting death of a memphis police officer has been arraigned. tremaine wilbourne appeared in court via video link. he did not enter a plea. police believe that he shot officer sean bolton several times after bolton interrupted a drug deal on saturday night. hundreds of family and friends are expected to gather tonight for officer bolton's wake. he's going to be laid to rest
10:21 am
tomorrow. so there is some new fallout to discuss today over hillary clinton's e-mails. nbc news has confirmed the fbi is looking into the security of the private e-mail server that hillary clinton used at her home while serving as secretary of state. the story was first reported by "the washington post" and it comes on the heels of two inspectors general who asked the justice department to look into how classified information was handled on the private e-mail system. we should note this is an investigation of a system not an investigation of a person. joining me now, msnbc's alex seitwall who covers the hillary clinton campaign for us. alex, how is the campaign responding to this? and again let's make the distinction it's about the system, not so much a person. >> right. important distinction, thomas. the campaign is basically maintaining the same line that they have since we first learned about this e-mail server back in
10:22 am
march. her lawyer david kendall, who was contacted by the fbi because he has a thumb drive with copies of those e-mails downplayed it said this was predictable. after the inspectors general the fbi would want to know about the security. let me read the statement from clinton's campaign spokesperson. he said she did not send nor receive any e-mails that were marked classified at the time. we want to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed as these e-mails are reviewed, while not unduly releasing her e-mails. we want that to happen as quickly and transparently as possible. in march when clinton first defended herself, she said she did not send or receive classified information, full stop. he said marked classified information so a subtle impression that classified e-mail may have been there at the time. >> this is getting down to semantics and people questioning
10:23 am
the gumption of having a private server at home. let's turn to the 2016 horse race. hillary clinton going on the offensive yesterday against comments that jeb bush made about funding for women's health. i want to play that. here's what he said and then followed by the clinton response. >> the argument against this is well, women's health issues are going to be you're attacking, it's a war on women and you're attacking women's health issues. you could take dollar for dollar, although i'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> jeb bush said he's not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. i'm reading it because i want to quote it exactly. now, he's got no problem giving billions of dollars away to the super wealthy and powerful corporations, but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> okay. so jeb bush later put out a
10:24 am
statement clarifying his comments, saying that he misspoke. so what do you make of clinton's campaign and their quick response to this? because they were really able to galvanize quickly over a vulnerability that jeb bush exposed himself to. >> yeah i think clinton's brooklyn campaign headquarters was very excited when they saw this happen. this is about planned parenthood and women's health. it was an issue that barack obama used very well in the 2012 election and democrats have had success on. a new nbc poll that we have out just this week why planned parenthood has a net positive rating 20 points among independents. more popular than any candidate in this race. it's also about hillary clinton's new strategy of really going on offense against republicans. in early june was the very first time that she even uttered the name of any republican candidate, so this is a new change for her. but since then she's taken every opportunity she can to slam them left right, center
10:25 am
mock them anything she can. this is all about trying to frame the election as a choice not a referendum. so she wants to make it a choice between her and jeb bush not just about her. she also wants to tell democrats that she's the best one to go up against whoever the republican nominee is next year. >> msnbc's alex seitz-wald reporting for us from washington. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up, the circus tent tragedy. new questions about the circus operator linked to this week's deadly collapse that killed a dad and daughter. also ahead, the hunting guide involved in the death of cecil the lion back in court and talking again about that hunt. we'll be right back. i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. welcome back, everybody. the guide involved in the killing of cecil the lion was in an african court this morning. theo bronkhurst was with the american dentist, walter palmer when he hundred dollar down
10:29 am
cecil. today he was granted a motion to postpone the trial for another month. outside the court bronkhurst expressed remorse. >> absolutely i regret shooting a lion that was cecil. any other lion i don't think would have been a problem. >> take a look at this. here at home back in the states walter palmer's vacation home in florida was vandalized with the words "lion killer" scrawled across the front and bloodied pigs feet left on his driveway. palmer has stated he believed everything was legal and properly handled and conducted. meanwhile the second american accused of illegally killing a lion is confirming that he was in africa last month. a spokesman for oncologist jan seske said in a statement that during his trip the doctor did lawfully hunt and take a lion. he ensured that he was at all times in compliance with all rules. nbc's kristen dahlgren is covering the story from our
10:30 am
london bureau. kristen, what more did we hear from bronkhorst. obviously he is in a world of thomas in zimbabwe. >> reporter: basically he called the charges preposterous. it goes back to what you just played where he said he has regrets but basically those are about killing a lion with a name. and if it had been any other lion, he doesn't think it would have been an issue. here's what bronkhorst said about the prosecution and all the attention. >> what do you think about the way you've been prosecuted? >> crazy. >> it's crazy? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so he calls it crazy. now, we have heard from many zimbabweans who didn't know about cecil, the name given to the lion by british researchers, so there's a different view perhaps between some of the locals and tourists or the international community. that said bronkhorst is akoougd of dragging meat to lure cecil out helping palmer to shoot a
10:31 am
protected lion in an area where it wasn't legal. he's pleaded not guilty but we'll have to wait until late september to see how the court handles it all. >> the other case what do we know about the possibility of the extradition request for the second american accused of illegally killing a lion this being dr. seske? >> reporter: there still isn't an extradition request in that case. we do know there are a few questions now about the timing in that case. it was first reported that that illegal hunt was back in april. seske's spokesman said he wasn't there until july although he admits to killing a lion at that time and says it was totally legal. still some things that have to develop in that case. we'll keep watching it for you. >> kristen dahlgren in london for you. thank you. aviation investigators from across the globe in france today looking at that p from mh-370. what answers could it hold? plus -- >> you want the russians over here telling you what to do? you want the nazis telling you
10:32 am
what to do? >> all caught on camera. one woman's angry ranting against a spanish-speaking ihop customer. and what will it take to trump trump? a look at the challenge facing the other nine candidates in tomorrow's debates, and the pulse is live. we're asking today in the bing pulse were the right candidates selected for the first gop debate. frances will have your thoughts after a quick break. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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10:46 am
talking about it now. let's listen in live. >> this is a remote inhospitable and dangerous area. on behalf of malaysia, i would like to thank the many nations, organizations and individuals who have participated in the search. the burden and uncertainty faced by the families during this time has been unspeakable. it is my hope that this confirmation, however tragic and painful, will at least bring certainty to the families and loved ones of the 239 people on board mh-370. they have our deepest sympathy and prayers. i would like to assure all those affected by this tragedy that
10:47 am
the government of malaysia is committed to do everything within our means to find out the truth of what happened. mh-370's disappearance marked us as a nation. we mourn with you as a nation. and i promise you this malaysia will always remember and honor those who were lost on board mh-370. thank you. >> so we're listening right there to the malaysian prime minister talking about the fact that the fragment of plane wreckage that was found on reunion island is confirmed to be part of the wreckage of mh-370. speaking about the burden and uncertainty of the families 239 families that have had to live
10:48 am
through not knowing exactly what happened to their loved ones on that day in march back in 2014 as people have come up short, as investigators have been tirelessly searching for answers. bill nealy is the nbc chief aviation correspondent. bill i assume you could hear what was going on with the press conference but now we have the definitive conclusive evidence that the fragment is from the missing plane. >> yes. we weren't expecting that. that is stunning news and it will be stunning news for the relatives of the passengers and crew on board that plane. thomas it is the great aviation mystery of our time and it is at least now partly solved. we now know that that part is from mh-370 and therefore it did crash into the sea off australia. it eliminates the theories. they were somewhat wild.
10:49 am
some of the relatives still hoping that somehow that plane had perhaps been hijacked and that it was on an island or in the northern hemisphere, somehow their relatives were still alive and it is almost certain now that all those people on board, all 239, are dead because this news confirms that it did crash into the sea and that that part that aircraft wing flap that was found by the environmental worker on reunion island last week, we talked to him there, we saw the part that that part is in fact not just from a boeing 777 but from mh-370. the investigators were here at this facility behind me looking at this aircraft part for a few hours this afternoon. to be honest thomas it must have been pretty obvious to them. there was a part number which identified it as being from a boeing 777. there must have been something else, we don't know what it was,
10:50 am
another serial number perhaps a paint fragment used by malaysian airlines that proved to them conclusively that it was from mh-370. now, in a very short time we're also going to hear from the paris prosecutor. he will be giving perhaps more details of what exactly those analysts found but from the may malaysian prime minister that part is from mh-370. the next part of the puzzle is much more difficult to solve because the piece in the facility can also tell us at what speed possibly tell us at what speed the plane hit the water, whether it sort of nosedived into the water at great speed or whether it hit much more in that direction and, therefore, possibly the fuselage is intact. they'll use a microscope that can analyze the damage the tears, the rips to that wing flap and magnify them 100,000
10:51 am
times and by analyzing the very very tiny frag ms of detail to prove whether or not it hit the water and what speed perhaps it hit the water. so mystery number one has been solved. it is part of mh-370. mystery number two, how, why and where this plane crashed has still to be solved and that may not be solved until those two black box flight recorders are found at the bottom of the indian ocean. stunning news here from the malaysian prime minister. back to you. >> the biggest break in 17 months of this covering this story. bill neely, thank you, sir. want to update you. the department of justice indicted the me few-nephew-in-law of rand paul. he is running the superpac. he is also the son-in-law of
10:52 am
former presidential candidate ron paul. the charges involve what benton accused of doing in ron paul's 2012 presidential campaign and concealing payment to an iowa lawmaker in 2011. two other members of ron paul's 2012 campaign have also been indicted. and now to this viral video that shows a confrontation as a southern california restaurant and all about freedom speech and in this case the freedom to speak spanish. a woman berated by another customer for speaking spanish waiting for a table with her son. her son recorded the incident. msnbc tried to identify the other woman involved seen in sunglasses. this clip has been seen online with an outpouring of intense reaction. the reporter from our nbc station knbc has more. >> when i shared it on facebook i just shared it for my friends.
10:53 am
>> you have the feeling to speak about what you're saying right now. >> reporter: carlos vasquez said he has no idea the reaction he would have. >> you are stupid. >> reporter: he explained to us the frustration as his mother and an unknown patron in koreatown exchanged words. >> i speak english, too. >> inside i was upset. i was more upset when my mom started to cry. it wasn't fair for my mom to cry to a stranger because she is speaking the spanish. >> reporter: the rant against the family continues as they waited for a table. >> i clean office. i clean restaurants. you stupid. >> reporter: norma is visibly shaken shaken. >> we speak english in america. >> i speak english. >> i felt awful she says tonight. as though i was worthless. >> you want the russians here telling you what to do? do you want the nazis telling you what to do? >> that's what you are telling
10:54 am
my mom. what to do. >> reporter: carlos said he hoped for positive discussion. >> we have to speak when someone is trying to shut us down. >> reporter: and admits the shock in his hometown. >> this is los angeles. even the name of the city in spanish. it's los angeles. she shouldn't be mad for interrupting families for the language they're speaking. >> and that was nbc's john klemac. ihop has released a statement saying, quote, neither ihop or franchise support the comments in the video of the interaction between two guests. so we're going to have much more on the top stories coming up. any minute now, authorities in france expecting to hold a news conference to talk more about the confirmation that that wreckage found on reunion island is from the missing plane malaysian airlines flight 370. the very latest and also talk
10:55 am
about what this means for the family that is have been living with the burden and uncertainty of what happened to their relative. plus, the countdown to the first gop debate in cleveland. we will dive in on what the candidates are doing to prep to take on the front-runner. donald trump. and hillary clinton and jeb bush have a war of words over planned parenthood. and funding for women's health issues. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling.
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a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. hi everybody. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with breaking news in the biggest development yet since the disappearance of mh-370 we're expecting a news conference from officials in france moments after confirmation the wreckage found on reunion island was from that missing plane. flight 370. and you can listen here to malaysia's prime minister announcing the confirmation
10:59 am
moments ago. >> today, 515 days since the plane disappeared, it is with a very heavy heart that i must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh-370. >> nbc's bill neely live for us in france. bill, what were they looking for in this part of the wing that would lead to the definitive conclusion that this is from mh-370? >> reporter: thomas, that's what we don't know for certain. maybe that's what the paris prosecutor will be able to tell us in the next few minutes. we know what they were looking for. well, two things really. they were looking for any kind of serial number or part number
11:00 am
that might have identified that as coming from mh-370. there was one number on that piece of wing flap 657bb that identified it as coming from boeing but not from mh-370. the other identifier could have been paint. every airline uses a unique paint on its aircraft and looking for paint fragments to be visible after 17 months in the sea that might have identified it. we don't know exactly what it was that made them conclude it was from mh-370. again, that's maybe what the paris prosecutor will say. so you know this is -- it's stunning news but in one sense it's not surprising if that makes sense because we knew this part was from a boeing 777. but there was only one boeing 777 missing and that was mh-370 and just connected the dots, thomas. >> yeah. process of elimination here
11:01 am
putting the pieces together and this being the first major puzzle piece that has been of any type of help to investigators figuring out exactly what happened on that day in march of 2014. just as we remind our viewers that this was a flight that was taking off to beijing, and then disappeared over the indian ocean, and there's been such uncertainty and as the prime minister of malaysia pointed out, this burden placed on the families of these 239 people with loved ones on board, and the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what has happened. >> reporter: i don't think, thomas, any of us can imagine what that has been like for those 239 families. i mean some of them were dreading this news. they said that it would represent the exteng wishing of the last hope. you know i have known people who have had relatives missing
11:02 am
and they still hold out hope even years later that somehow they're still alive somewhere. some of these relatives really did think that it was still possible that that plane had been hijacked and that it had been forced to land somewhere that no one had even come across. that they clung on to every last hope. it's now extinguished. that's why the malaysian prime minister spent so much time talking about those relatives, half of whom of course chinese. they will be waking up in beijing this morning with a very, very heavy heart because all hope is now lost. but, you know, in one sense, we have only got one bit of that puzzle you talked about. the other bits of the puzzle aren't solved and probably won't be until the black boxes are found. in other words, how did this happen? why did this happen? was it something to do with the mechanics of the plane? something to do with the pilots? did everyone fall unconscious and the plane simply continued
11:03 am
veering off course and just crashed into the sea? did it crash violently into the sea or did it glide down and indeed that's one of the things the analysts here looking at that wing part. they've been using an extremely powerful microscope that can increase the size of something by the factor of 100,000. they've been looking at the rips, the tears on that wing part to see is there anything that can show that there was an explosion or a fire or it hit the sea with a great force? nosedived in. anything to provide clues to the second and even greater mystery. we know now mh-370 crashed into the sea. we don't know how did it happen. they'll be back here tomorrow at the lab beginning the work to try to try to solve that greater mystery, thomas. >> bill, we were showing the interior of that fragment of the flapperon of the wing saying
11:04 am
657bb, that's bravo bravo connecting it directly to boeing. but talk about how we have the piece and the fragment with french investigators also a main search site with investigators in australia and how are they all telegraphing the process now of using reunion island as a ground zero for leading to more clues? >> reporter: this is multinational as you say. there were investigators here from malaysia france australia, boeing chinese officials. you have oceanographers helping with this trying to predict the currents and indeed they have been proved right. many of them said you can see an anti-clockwise current in the indian ocean and an s-band wash washes up on shores of reunion and madagascar with more than 3,000 miles of coastline and you
11:05 am
have marine bileologists looking at the barnacles, the shells on the piece of debris here and tell people the temperature of the water that the aircraft part was in an and the chemical composition of that water and could help pinpoint where the actual wreckage is. you have all these scientists and officials, investigators, police a multinational operation trying to solve the mystery and in australia you have in the indian ocean off the coast of australia, two ships dragging sonar and video along the bed of the sea at maybe 10 miles on a good day trying to find where those black boxes are, trying to find where the fuselage is. but oceanographers saying after this plane hit the ground it's almost like a smokestack. when the smoke comes out of the chimney first, you can see it. it's quite clear and disperses
11:06 am
quite quickly and goes everywhere. oceanographers are saying the debris field by now is huge. just like the smoke. hard to see in millions of pieces possibly. so the next fragment if there's going to be one could be on reunion. it could be anywhere up the coast of africa. all those islands, madagascar reunion on high alert. the coast guard searching in planes now for more of the debris. i would say, thomas, that search will intensify now that they know that what johnny bagu found on that beach really is part of mh-370. another quick point, thomas because this is important. what this means is now that the legal floodgates will open and leave to a wave of litigation probably against malaysian airlines and the relatives waiting for proper confirmation that that part is from mh-370 to begin their legal claims and all over the world that litigation
11:07 am
will begin and in the united states. >> and bill i know you have seen firsthand reporting from reunion island and an issue there is debris and ocean junk that washes ashore on their beaches and their coastline. so how important and pivotal is it to the investigation that things may have washed ashore prior to this fragment pinpointing reunion island as a place of interest that now might be of interest but could have been discarded by people who were already cleaning up debris and junk on beach lines? >> reporter: it's a very good point. i mean, perhaps just by itself size this is at least six feet long and three feet wide and the crew that found it the beach crew, thought at first to use this as an illustration of the kind of junk that washed up on their beach and the threat to the environment and only after a few minutes this they realized hang on, this looks like it
11:08 am
could be from a plane and really important. i was along the beaches and there are -- i mean even along the one stretch of beach i remember very well there were probably tons of rusting junk that could have come from absolute anything from a boat from a plane, certainly there's a lot of stuff tossed off cargo ships there and float across the indian ocean. thinkty police have a bit of a problem now obliged to take every little piece that someone brings to them seriously because it could prove to be a piece of the puzzle. remember way back, thomas 1989. the locker by explosion over locker bie of pan am. every piece from the place where the explosion took place, everything was of vital clue in proving that you know in the end it was a libyan who was convicted of that crime.
11:09 am
but let's say some of those pieces tossed away that case might never have been proved and could be that every small piece is important. police have to take it seriously. it could be that police stations all over reunion and madagascar are filled up with this stuff, that well-meaning people simply bringing because they think it's important. >> bellill, let's break down myth from fact on this story as reports of mineral water bottles of china washed ashore luggage. how's that crafting into the investigation or these pieces deemed not from 370? >> reporter: so there are only two pieces that have been found so far that have been taken seriously. one is the fing flap part which is in the building behind me. the other one is a suitcase and the same guy found on the beach. very close to the wing part.
11:10 am
it is now at a national police lab in paris where people will be -- we don't know if the investigation into that has already started but the police will be trying to analyze that and to match it to the dna samples taken from the families and many of the families of the 239 people on board. and obviously, if there is some match then it would confirm even further that that suitcase like the aircraft part is from mh-370 but the other pieces found, we heard about over the week, a report of a door found, it was absolutely nothing. something wels a leather strap and turned out to be a household ladder. there was a piece yesterday that someone brought forward that looked like it might have been a window from the plane. again, that's been dismissed. a bottle from china. another one i saw from indonesia. it is right probably that people bring the pieces forward and so far all of those items have been
11:11 am
dismissed as nothing to do with mh-370. the lookout now will be for, you know much much bigger pieces. not that they will confirm that it was from mh-370 which we know but, again, to find out how and why this plane crashed where it did. thomas? >> okay. and for viewers just joining us bill, stand by for me. for those just joining us it was a short time ago in the last hour we got word from malaysian officials that they confirmed that the fragment that was found on the beaches of reunion island that wing fragment is that from mh-370. missing flight that wept off taking off from cue la lumpur in march on the way to beijing and disappearing in the indian ocean. 239 people on board. on the upper right-hand side of your screen that's people assembling for a press conference that will happen in france. our bill neely is there for us.
11:12 am
i want to bring in to join the conversation analyst captain john cox. and captain cox, so we have this confirmation, the flapperon from boeing is from mh-370. a lot a lot of people speculated that that was going to be confirmed because this was from a 777 and mh-370 was the only missing one on this planet. but bill brought up the important fact of finding the black box and the cockpit voice recorder. do you think that those will ever really be found? >> thomas i do. i've said this from the beginning. when after this -- at the time of this tragedy happened. since the beginning of jet eave yags, commercial aviation when passengers have been on the airplane we've been able to find them and we have been able to solve the mysteries of what happened. mh-370 is one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced but i believe in the quality and
11:13 am
the technical capabilities and so i think in the end, yes, we'll solve it. yes, we'll find it. i believe we'll get the recorders. >> okay. so explain for all of us the significance and the difference between the black box and the cockpit voice recorder because doesn't one clean itself? >> well the voice recorder which actually they're orange and known in the media as the black boxes for years but the voice recorder at about every two hours overwrites itself and only have the last two hours. the flight data recorder the digital flight data recorder will have the entire flight. so there will be a lot of information from the digital flight data recorder that will help investigators unlock the mystery for it will show all the systems of the airplane. how the auto pilot was flying
11:14 am
the pressurization system the engine. all of the components that are working in the airplane recorded on the flight data recorder so it's a critical piece to understand something as unusual as malaysian 370. >> so we're waiting for french officials to come out, again, we do have confirmation. malaysian officials telling us that that fragment from missing flight mh-370. french officials where they have been inspecting this piece of aircraft material are going to be coming out to talk with us shortly. captain, do you think and your gut reaction from seeing the video images of this? i know that it's different obviously for the investigators that are using very clinical techniques and high-powered microscopes to look at the markings on this fragment. but what is your gut say to you about how this flapperon appears
11:15 am
to what might have happened to 370? >> well, the fact that it is the flapperon itself is intact and will give the engineers the opportunity to -- >> captain, hold on a second. hold on one second. the french officials have just come to the microphones. let's listen. >> the volume's not loud enough. [ speaking french ] >> translator: -- from the investigation. here are the preliminary findings. march 11th, 2014 the paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation from the plane
11:16 am
crash from mh-370. 269 people were on board. namely four french people, french nationality. therefore, these french citizens are the founding principle upon which our judicial investigation is based. so may 7th, 2014 the paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation into involuntary conduct. based on the death of one or multiple people. namely the deaths of one or multiple people who had links to terrorist organizations.
11:17 am
so the primary aim of this investigation is to reach the truth beneath all of this. so three different judges were designated. one judge specializing in terrorism. the second specializing in accidents. and the third specializing in seized objects. so based upon this discovery of the debris there was a 0 lign obligatory committee created. so the debris was sent from the reunion island here for expedited judicial review.
11:18 am
so now we have been in communication with malaysian judicial officials. as well as policemen and various civil organizations. so at 3:00 p.m. all of this work began in palma. under the leadership of the various committees i have just mentioned. so a magistrate from the paris prosecutor's office is in palma as well as somebody from the aero transport department. so it's under his authority that
11:19 am
all of the decisions are being made. this expert has surrounded himself by very qualified people from awe rowe aeronautical fields namely people from boeing. so there have also be a special number of designated people from malaysia's civil security sector. so namely representatives from malaysian airlines and expert on aeronautical affairs from malaysia and then also experts from the uk singapore, france, among other places. namely, from france and expert from civil aviation. so in palma, people started
11:20 am
investigating the wing flap and based upon what the experts have announced, we can tell you today that we can very strongly presume presume that the wing flap found on one of the beaches in reunion belonged to a 777 boeing from malaysia airlines that disappeared in march 2014. we can tell you this for two reasons. number one, boeing confirmed that the wing flap came from a boeing airline 777. and they figured that out based upon various technical characteristics. number two representatives from
11:21 am
ma lay sha airlines communicated with us based upon various elements from this mh-370 flight so basically we were able to compare the debris so the debris from what we had found as well as a wing flap from that specific plane. so these very strong presumptions can be confirmed by additional experts tomorrow. from various departments that are very technical so tonight i can't tell you specifically when all of these results will be communicated to you all. but all i can say is all of our experts are working as expeditiously as possible to
11:22 am
communicate all of the information possible and we will communicate all of the families of the victims tonight. based upon the piece of the suitcase found, we are now doing our own investigation of that with a criminal research team from our police unit again, as quickly as possible. so thank you all very much. >> all right. so there we're hearing from french officials and getting the confirmation from them as well that the fragment the piece of wing that was found on reunion island is that from missing malaysian airlines flight 370. and we heard there that there
11:23 am
were two strong reasons. boeing confirming that this was one of their 777 fragments. had the technical characteristics and then also representatives from malaysia airlines allowing them to compare pieces from their other flights and knowing that this was the only missing 777 on the planet that they were able to deduce obviously, that this was from mh-370. nbc's global chief correspondent bill neely is there in toulouse france. bill explain people might not understand why french authorities took lead over investigating the frag omt posed to going to australia or malaysia. >> reporter: well two formal reasons and one informal if you like thomas. four french citizens were on board mh-370. that's number one. the piece of wreckage on
11:24 am
reunion, a piece of french territory and this lab one of the top three in the world that investigating aircraft debris so it seemed natural for all those three reasons that it should be investigated here. i must say i heard something just a little bit different paris prosecutor from the malaysian prime minister. malaysian prime minister said a half hour ago it is mh-370. the paris prosecutor said after a few hours of examining this fragment we can very strongly presume it belongs to a 777 boeing from malaysia airlines but he didn't go all the way to saying we can say for certainty it's with mh-370 from mh-370. i think as criminal investigators if you like i think they're leaving themselves some kind of room and obviously as he said the analysis will continue here tomorrow. other experts may be brought in
11:25 am
to add to that analysis but there was a little bit of a difference. there was no question malaysian prime minister saying after 515 days we can tell you this aircraft part is from mh-370. paris prosecutor did not say that. and he did not reveal anything about how they reached that conclusion. he didn't talk about part numbers, serial numbers that might have been found on the wing flap. he didn't talk about the paint that malaysian airlines had to use. i mean i'm not saying this is not a very big thing and the french are in some way casting doubt on this but the difference was quite interesting, thomas. >> you're right about this semantics of the words and the strong presumption that it belongs to a 777 boeing. not using mh-370 and also bill if i heard correctly, the suitcase, the discussion about the suitcase as well.
11:26 am
>> reporter: yes. so the aircraft part is in the lab behind me. the suitcase that was found on that beach near the aircraft part by johnny bagu is taken to paris and it is going to be investigated by french police by forensic teams to try to see if there's anything in that suitcase that matches up with the dna of any of the 239 passengers or crew. so that's a sort of separate center of excellence that wouldn't be appropriate for the suitcase sent here because this is an aviation scientific center and we don't know yet if the analysis on the suitcase is started. we don't know yet when they might report yes or no whether that suitcase has anything to do with the beach or another piece of beach junk. >> okay. if you're just joining us we have been listening to two different officials talking over the last hour roughly from malaysian airlines first, malaysian prime minister, excuse
11:27 am
me speaking about the malaysian flights and confirming this was, this fragment a piece from the missing plane. and then just now hearing from the french officials there where the fragment was taken for further investigation. saying that they can strongly presume that it belongs to a 777 boeing that was the exact flight of mh-preponderance 0. joining me on the phone is anthony roman, a licensed commercial pilot and form erer instructor. as they look and diagnose the fragment of the wing the flapperon, what can they tell especially about where the barnacles have been growing on this piece of aircraft? what would that indicate to them about how this plane impacted on water? >> well tom, this is a much more complex investigation than it appears on the surface. with regard to the results that
11:28 am
were just read, there is absolute significance to the difference between what the french authorities reported and what the malaysian officials reported. what the french authorities have said and my interpretation of it is as a professional investigator and a professional pilot is that they have -- >> i think we lost anthony. we'll work to get back anthony roman. captain john cox, i think you're still with me. are you there? all right. so we lost our captain, as well. we'll work to get them back. nbc's chief global xhont bill neely with me. i'm reading up on this trying to figure out how investigators would be clinically looking at the flapperon and the planes itself talking about the surface of the boeing 777, the surface
11:29 am
is microbe resistant and in the interest to me and the viewers is where the barnacles are growing because typically they wouldn't grow there and that has to also for those that are putting the pieces together of how this fragment came apart from the wing would be able to then maybe backtrack an explosion or glide into the water or something of another nature for how it went down. >> reporter: that's right. the scientific am sis by the experts will tell us something about the impact that that wing flap suffered. they'll be looking at those barnacle barnacles, shells and they will be able to tell what the temperature was of the water and the chemical composition of the water when those barnacles attached themselves to the wing
11:30 am
flap. that may sound very complex but that could actually pinpoint more accurately where mh-370 has crashed because if you can, you know using marine biology, if you can pinpoint that it will help in the search because the search is still over a vast area. i mean it is the size of texas at the minute. if you can pinpoint it in corpus christi and houston or dallas you have an advantage possibly of weeks if not months. the scientific analysis on the wing flap itself as i said earlier, if viewers just joining us now, they will try to determine the speed of the imact when that wing flap hit the water and that could tell a number of things. it could tell if the plane hit the water at high speed and therefore has disintegrated complete oi or hit a more gental sense and the whole fuselage
11:31 am
could still be done on the ocean bed intact. so i mean it is a puzzle. it is detective work and each one of these clues as we have seen today will bring us to the conclusion. i mean we do now know and just for viewers joining us again, the malaysian prime minister and it's significant he made the announcement said within the last hour after 515 days we can finally confirm that this piece of aircraft debris found on reunion island last week from mh-370 and spoke about the torment and the suffering gnat relatives of those 239 on board have gone through. just in the last few minutes, from the paris prosecutor's office we have had a statement. it was ratcheted back just a little bit. he said there is a very strong presumption that this piece belongs to a boeing 777 from malaysia airlines and additional
11:32 am
experts will be here tomorrow and confirm that. there's only one missing boeing 777 and certainly one from malaysian airlines. there's no great conflict of interpretation there but they did say slightly different things and interesting as i say, thomas the malaysian prime minister made the statement. >> it does go to show the international semantics into interagencies and many countries all working on trying to solve the mystery of mh-370. bill, thank you, sir. we'll be back with much more live coverage here on msnbc after a quick break. stick around. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
11:33 am
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gear up for school. gear up for great. so the anticipation is building that the hour for what could be one of the most watched republican primary debates ever. ten out of 17 candidates chosen for tomorrow night's debate. the seven that department make the cut will have their chance at a different debate that takes place in the afternoon. but all eyes tomorrow night
11:36 am
focused center stage on donald trump. candidacy all but laughed at he's proved the naysayers all wrong taking the lead in every national poll in the past month. the head of the republican national party spoke with "today" show's savannah guthrie. >> there's a diverse field young field. everyone is -- brings a little something different to the table. i think it's a great night and what we did anticipate of our party. >> so for his part trump promised he will not attack any of the other candidates unless they attack him first. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody. i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i'll bring up deficiencies but i would rather go straight down the middle. you don't know what's going to happen. >> i can assume you won't launch
11:37 am
the first grenade but you'll go back at them if they come at you? >> you can assume that yes. >> okay. >> so i'm joined now by nbc news senior political editor mark murray. all eyes on donald trump. what do you feel he needs to do to win this debate? or are peopling like it's his to lose? >> yeah. thomas, i really don't know how it plays out as far as donald trump goes. what i can assure you, there's questions related about donald trump and some interesting policy questions, too. and interesting to see how donald trump fares. but, thomas what strikes me the most about donald trump is acceptance within the republican party. back in april and nbc/"wall street journal" republican voters said they could not see themselves backing donald trump and then in june that percentage was in the 60%.
11:38 am
most recent poll it's at 49%. and so while there's a sizable number of republicans against donald trump, who don't think that he should be their republican nominee, the acceptance to started to get inside the republican party and the past two months is striking and certainly striking with rnc chairman saying about trump in his role in the debate as well. >> but meanwhile, looking back on 2012 mark most people they all went out courting donald trump's endorsement. they certainly courted his cash. but here we have him now toe to toe with everybody else and certainly all eyes paying attention to what he has to say. but how do other candidates take this in to their calculations of appearing on this stage, especially the ones that aren't a jeb bush and the people with the name recognition that have just made the cut to get there, like a john kasich? >> yeah thomas i mean we have just seen over the last two or three weeks how republicans who
11:39 am
aren't donald trump have been trying to stand out in the field and whether it's taking a chain saw to the tax code or destroying a cell phone in a viral video, people have been trying to be able to get their five seconds or five minutes in the sun. it's interesting to see that dynamic at the debates. you mentioned in 2012 donald trump being open open arms greeted with open arms in 2012. thomas it is worth ♪ing that mitt romney took drrp's enforcement in 2012 and almost had a role at the republican convention but that first night ended up getting rained out. but that said if you're another republican and you want to go after trump, maybe you're most fertile ground is attacking him, he's too liberal, supported abortion rights in the past supports universal health care. i think those are the issues that are probably going to end up sinking donald trump in the debates and certainly in the contest ahead than some of the
11:40 am
more controversial statements that he's made. >> mark, great to see you, sir. thank you. >> thanks thomas. battle of jeb bush and hillary clinton, that is growing. so we have got the duelling family dynasties and the latest flare-up yesterday after bush asked about congressional moves to defund planned parenthood. and his answer caused an uproar. >> the argument against this is well women's health issues are going to be -- you're attacking, a war on women and attacking women's health issues. take dollar for dollar i don't know we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> so later bush clarified what he was saying saying he misspoke and hillary clinton isn't buying into that laying into what he said at an event that she had later in the day. >> jeb bush said he's not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. i'm reading it because i want to
11:41 am
quote it exactly. now, he's got no problem giving billions of dollars away to super wealthy and powerful corporations but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> so joining right now, karen finney adviser and senior spokesperson for the clinton campaign. nice to see you. you guys galvanized quickly to go after jeb bush about the comments yesterday. is this an example of a new aggressive line of attack against republicans? >> you know, i think to some degree, thomas, the republicans are doing it to themselves again. i mean we have unfortunately seen this narrative from blins s republicans for a long time. women's health goes out the door pretty quickly and hillary feels very strongly that you know we have to stand up and talk about these issues because these are issues that matter to the american people. remember, like planned parenthood talking about defunding planned parenthood, not only does a majority of
11:42 am
americans support planned parenthood, but, you know it's men, women and young people who rely on their services and trust them. so you're talking about taking this away and don't forget jeb also wants to repeal the affordable care architect to take away some of those clinics he was talking about. but he has no answer for what to do for low-income people people relying on the services. >> people have a visceral reaction to watching these undercover planned parenthood videos. has hillary clinton watched them in full and have a reaction to that? because in coming out against jeb bush about his statement about women's health care and funding, it is tethered to planned parenthood it is tethered to those videos so is she making a case for herself basically defending those videos? >> well, let's be clear. she was actually asked that same question and she answered and i think said that she's seen images or pictures but she
11:43 am
hasn't seen the videos but, thomas -- >> why not? >> hold on. this is exactly what the group behind these videos is trying to do in terms of conflating the issue. we are talking about defunding planned parenthood taking away health care from what is it 2.7 million people who utilize their services just last year. and i understand -- >> but, karen, you make yourself vulnerable and hillary clinton makes herself vulnerable president obama makes himself vulnerable, josh earnest makes himself vulnerable not looking at the videos in full context and then come out in defense of them saying i've seen clips or a small portion. >> thomas under what you're suggesting, we shouldn't -- i mean to -- and also jeb bush said we shouldn't be spending money on breast examinations or hpv aids tests or birth control. that's what they do. that's the majority of the work that they do. and i think what part -- there's a visceral reaction to this
11:44 am
attack on planned parenthood n. your own poll "wall street journal" nbc news planned parenthood most popular organization above all the politicians. >> yes. >> above the nra. i have to tell you something, thomas. i think this is part of why hillary clinton is right to take the issue on. people feel very strongly about planned edned parenthood and won't change. they're listening for who's the person that's going to look out for me and my family and help us get ahead and stay ahead. that's about health care. that is about things like paid family leave. it's about, you know things like making sure the affordable care act doesn't go away and resources are here for us. i mean i think that's a very important debate in this election. i think that's part of why hillary wanted to be out there and making it clear that she supports women's health and it is not just -- can't be an afterthought. >> right. but no. you make a very good point about the extensive work that planned
11:45 am
parenthood does but policy makers defending certain things about what they're being attacked over and not having seen in full context what the videos represent, i think it makes a vulnerability for those people that are out there trying to defend it. >> we just to v to agree to disagree on this. >> we can. all right. so while i have you here -- >> why. >> since we are already disagreeing, let's just -- >> keep going. >> we'll go full monty on disagreement. let's have sk the other big news today. the fbi looking into the security of secretary clinton had at her home. this is an investigation of a system, i want to be very clear of that. not an investigation of a person. but this does have an impact on the campaign. how would you respond to this investigation into the system and how that's a weight an obstacle to moving cleanly to getting the democratic nomination? >> well, you know, i'd say a couple things about that thomas.
11:46 am
i mean number one, it isn't news. there wasn't anything that we learned in that story that we didn't already know or expect from the sort of botched reporting, granted, a botched reporting story from "the new york times" and essentially -- i mean that's what they were talking about so i don't think we learned new information necessarily or that anything has changed since last week. but look. and for our campaign the bottom line is we know that these attacks are going to come. this investigation should continue as it needs to. hillary is the person who's said time and time again she wants those e-mails out as quickly as possible. obviously following all security protocols but at the same time doesn't stop her from getting throughout and talking every day to the american people about what she stands for, about her -- the issues that they care about and having that conversation. and you know, i find it interesting because, you know republicans want to make this race about her and she wants to make it about the american people. and i think that's part of why
11:47 am
in every single poll we have seen she beats them all in head to head. i think that's because they're not talking about the issues that resonate with people and so out of touch when they don't support rights for lgbt americans or again, talking about issues like planned parenthood or what you hear on the stage, trickle down economic economics and hillary's talking about increasing incomes for americans to have more economic security in their families. so that's what we're going to keep doing. >> well we'll look forward to continuing our conversations. karen, thanks for your time. >> take care, thomas. >> the great karen finney my friend. >> thank you. we have a food fight on capitol hill over labeling and genetic cli modified organisms and major star power at the hearing. that's the actress and the lifestyle guru gwyneth paltrow
11:48 am
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